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 balance druid lvl 80

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balance druid lvl 80 Empty
PostSubject: balance druid lvl 80   balance druid lvl 80 EmptySat Mar 28, 2009 4:24 am

Character name: Bloodslave

Class and level: druid lvl 80

Current Spec: balance

Are you willing to respec?: yes, but only to healer

Professions: herbalism/alchemy

Profession patterns: (N/A until patch 3.1)

Do you have Ventrilo?: yes

Do you have a working headset/microphone?: I have headphones, but i can try to borrow my brothers headset when necessary

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving: Apocalypse Insomnia, Victorious Secret, The Metal Brothers.
I left VC because my boyfriend started up his own guild. I wanted to help him with building it up and see how that would go. Although it's going pretty well, it's very stressy for the both of us. Rottenblood adviced us to apply on this site.

Raiding experience (pre-TBC, TBC, and WotLK): Kara 10, naxx 10-25, OS 10, Voa 10-25

Armory link:

Gameplay schedule: I can raid almost every evening, except for monday and thursday (when i have a schooltask that is)

Alts: Lucri: lvl 61 DK, Kusmereet: lvl 26 priest (horde), Stoom: lvl 22 lock

Name: Evi

Age: 21

Location: Belgium

Guild References (are there any members of Victorious Secret than can vouch for you?): Florrie, Tyrimas, Kontomble, Irpriest

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balance druid lvl 80
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