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PostSubject: application form   application form EmptyWed Apr 01, 2009 5:58 pm

Character name: jchúng

Class and level: warlock 80

Current Spec: felguard/emberstorm

Are you willing to respec?: happily, ive struggled with specs for a little whle now, i love the 1 i have at the mo tho, if u can get a better 1 for me id b
well chuffed ;oP

Professions: skinning and tailoring

Profession patterns: (N/A until patch 3.1)

Do you have Ventrillo: yes

Do you have a working headset/microphone?: dog chewed it will buy new 1 ;oP

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving: true soldiers (current), draconian raiders (aeries peak),the pale riders (friends social guild whilst levelling)
left pale riders as wanted to raid with a guild and not pug... only been at true soldiers a little while nice ppl but not as
organised as i hoped, they dnt do much raiding, more hcs, theyre a new guild with not loads of exp raiding, i wud love 2 b in
an experienced established guild to learn n progres threw wow further than i have managed so far

Raiding experience (pre-TBC, TBC, and WotLK): didnt start playin untill TBC, on my old char (hunter on aeries peak now) i done
the TBC raids n instances altho my love of the game wasnt so strong back then.

Armory link:

Gameplay schedule: my gameplay schedule is all over the place lol. im on pretty much everyday and if i new of a raid im pretty
certain i wud b able 2 make it, have been known to cancel plans with family to play wow ( bad i no but gta b done ) ;oP

Alts: none that i play serious but i have a dk on aggramar lvl70 at mo, also a lvl70 hunter on aeries peak

Name: Jon

Age: 21

Location: england, united kingdom

Guild References (are there any members of Victorious Secret than can vouch for you?): i have been in raids with members, not sure if
any would remember me to vouch tho ;-(

Additional comments: ive only been playin wow for around a year or so now but im extremely dedicated, im open to critiscm n help n advice where u see
fit, i am very easy going n easy to get on with, if i got in to ur guild i would b 100% dedicated to u and would try my upmost best to attend all
raids/instances that im invited to, i am really really wantin to get in to a established, mature guild that knows how to conquer wow like u r known to.
im very very impressed with the achievements the guild has and would love to b apart of it, ill b honest im not the best geared lock but im ok, should
have bit better gear but im the worlds worst roller lol lose all the time, my magice number is 14 wen rolling, cant seem to roll nething else wen i need
2. with victorious secret's help n guidance im certain i can b a extremely powerful lock as i alrdy get between 1900-2300 dps so with better gear i know
that will improve dramatically, thank you for your time and i look forward to hearing from u, lots of respect for ur guild. thank you
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application form
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