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PostSubject: APLY DISC PRIEST   Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:23 pm

Hello i am Benedictum Disc. Priest lvl 80
I am 32 years old male
have 2 kids.
and from the netherlands.

i play WoW since may 2005 started on warrior protection named sprytos
stopped playing him after my compleet might set dissapaired and Bliz said it was my own fault.

Then i started to play my priest then it was named Nederlander now named Benedictum.
i lvled from 54 to 70 compleet in instances.
have dan MC ZG ONY BWL AQ
ALL heroic instnaces NAXX 10 OS 10 and 25 VOA 10 and 25
Gear needed only from the 25 mans

unbuffed mana 21585
unbuffed sp 1766
mana regen no need for raid buffed 80% free casting.

people i know in guild Naruus play manny nights with him.
why i aply progress stopped in old guild and i want to progress i work hard for my gear so i want to use it well.
wanna respecc NO.
why not have second priest lvl 80 shadow Kinay
working hard to ge ther epic also goes well dps is round 1800 now few days and she is full epic
benedictum toke me 6 days play time did around 6 heroics a night with naruus.

profressions: herb 450 and inscription 445
on my other priest alch 450
the aply is for Benedictum

been GM in Legion of medb relentless chaos (co gm) officer in immortals and then inevitable.
no ambitions for that any more i just want to play and have fun but always willing to help when needed.
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